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Describe everything you would like to give to your Customer here – explaining the issues and answering the most important questions will help you minimize the number of emails and calls you make to the Customer Service office in your store. By filling this page with specific and useful responses for the Customer, you will be able to focus exclusively on sales.


1. Why should I choose a store in a SaaS model??

SaaS Software as a Service) is software offered as a service – it consists of using software over the internet, like renting it from a provider. In this model, all maintenance, updates, and service obligations are carried out by the supplier. SaaS enables businesses to operate using the latest information technology without long-term deployments and large investments.

If you fear of running your own store before starting online sales because of a lack of expertise, technical facilities or the need to buy a server, you don’t have to worry about these issues when choosing a SaaS solution. To sell items online, all you need is a device with network access. Forget computer scientists, graphic designers, let alone a specialist agency, and start running your business.

When choosing a store in the SaaS model, you do not incur any expenses for hardware, license purchase or installation, all infrastructure (including server purchase and maintenance) is transferred to the software provider in the case of SaaS.

The Online Store in the SaaS model is a ready-to-use solution. You start it by filling out a form, after a while you get the login details and you can start. There’s nothing faster or simpler.

2. Does Online Store graphics matter

The psychology of Consumer behavior leaves no illusions – the decision to purchase something in a given e-store is made within seconds. A trained Customer’s eye quickly assesses the attractiveness of a given site and either the buyer stays or abandons the store. A well-presented home page, catalog, or individual products can thus determine the visitor to store.

Model withdrawal form
(this form must be completed and returned only if the return form received in the package is lost)

– Addressee:
ul. Azaliowa 3 55-093 Bielawa

– I/we (*) hereby inform of my/our(*) withdrawal from the Sales Contract of the following items (*) the supply contract of the following items (*) the contract to perform a specified task(*)/the provision of the following services(*)

– Date of conclusion of the contract (*) / receipt(*)

– Consumer(s) name

– Consumer(s) address

– Consumer(s) signature (only if the form is sent on paper)

– Date

( * ) Delete as applicable.

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